Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Jocelyn - Receptionist and Veterinary Assistant

Jocelyn_and_Roja_2010.jpgJocelyn, a graduate of Harlem High School, has been with Animal Medical Clinic since 2001. She enjoys taking walks in any dog-friendly area with her two purebred pitbulls. Her daughter is going to school to be an Elasmobranchologist. She is a receptionist at AMC the Morsay location. Jocelyn has also completed her Bachelors Degree in sociology at Rockford University to help children who are abused.

mary_small.jpgMel, Receptionist
Mel has been working at Animal Medical Clinics as a Receptionist since April of 2015.


Ashley_2010.jpgAshley - Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley started at Animal Medical Clinic as a member of the Care Staff in 1999 and became a receptionist in 2001. Graduating from Parkland College with an Associate in Applied Science, she received her certification as a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2004. She and her husband are proud owners of "Taggert", a goldendoodle and have been blessed with three children.

Barb - Veterinary Technician/ Assistant Manager

Barb_Runge_2010.jpgBarb has worked in the animal field since 2004.  She joined the Animal Medical Clinics in 2008, and now works both as a vet assistant and receptionist at the Animal Medical Clinic and the CherryVale Animal Clinic.  She adopted her puggle, "Maddie", in August 2010.  She is also now a proud mother to her daughter born July 28, 2011.

Donna, Certified Veterinary Technician and Branch Manager

icn_donna.jpgDonna is a Certified Veterinary Technician who graduated from Parkland College in 1989. She started at CherryValeAnimal Clinic when the clinic first opened in July, 1995. Donna has been a Certified Veterinary Technician and is also the branch office manager for the clinic. Donna was married in 2001 to her husband Kirk. Donna and Kirk met at church while participating in the church praise team and still enjoy doing that. She has 2 cats at home, Chester and Jinger, and also takes Boomerang home on the weekends.


Jaimi - Certified Veterinary Technician, Fear Free Certified

Jaimi has been a part of the Animal Medical team since 2009. In 2014 she became a Certified Veterinary Technician. Jaimi and her husband enjoy their 3 cats, Annie, Eleanor, and Ledger, and their chocolate lab, Friday. Jaimi received her Fear Free Certification in 2018.

mary_small.jpgChandra, Certified Veterinary Technician
Chandra has been working at Animal Medical Clinics as a Veterinary Technician since July of 2013. She moved here from Nebraska where she had worked as a veterinary assistant for 18 years prior. Chandra loves all animals but she fancies herself a Cat-fanatic! She has 4 permanent resident kitties at home and seems to foster any that show up at her door as well! 


mary_small.jpgSarah, Certified Veterinary Technician
Sarah has been a veterinary technician for 10+ years. She graduated in 2005 from Duluth Business University in Duluth, MN. She has always has a passion for helping those in need. Her favorite thing about being in this field is being able to create lasting relationships not only with her patients, but with their families as well. She recently moved to the state with her husband and their two sons. They share their home with a hyper, loving pitty mix named Laker. She enjoys being outside and spending time with family and friends.


mary_small.jpgHeather, Certified Veterinary Technician
Heather is a 2017 graduate from Rockford Career College. Heather has been with Animal Medical Clinics since 2013 where she started as a carestaff member and has worked her way up to a certified technician. In her spare time she enjoys taking her dogs hiking.


mary_small.jpgAngelica, Veterinary Technician
Angelica graduated from Rockford Career College in 2018. She loves being outside hiking, camping, and hanging out with friends and family as well as the family dog, Loki. She also loves going to community events with her boyfriend. She has enjoyed taking pictures for many years.


Andrea_Nelson_2010.jpgAndrea - Certified Veterinary Technician

Andrea graduated from Parkland College in 2004 with an Associates in Applied Science. She has been working for Animal Medical Clinic since October of 2007.  In her spare time she enjoys fishing, camping and rollerblading. Andrea has a dog and 3 cats.

Samantha - Veterinary Assistant

Samantha graduated from Rockford career college with an associates degree in veterinary technology. Her husband and her enjoy sharing a household with their two cats Gizmo and Tibby, their guinea pigs Bubba and Marvin, as well as their cattle dog Charlotte! On her down time she love to go on hiking adventures with Charlotte as well as playing Sims 4 pets.


Danielle - Care Staff

Danielle has been part of the Animal Medical team since January 2010. She grew up on a local family farm and has been a lifelong animal lover. She was a member of 4-H for 10 years and showed pigs at the county and state fairs. Danielle and her husband currently share their home with four rescue animals: Chubbs, a senior English Bulldog, and three cats-Mabel, MacGyver, and Shadow.


Nicole, Care Staff
Nicole graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science in the Spring of 2016. She continued her passion for animals by joining the care staff crew in the Fall of 2016. In the beginning of 2018 she also took over Mondays in Waggin’ Tails doggie daycare. Her love for animals began as a child and continues to this day. As a lifetime pet owner she is prepared to care for any and all pets. She is extremely excited to see where her future will take her at Animal Medical Clinic.



Alayna, Care Staff
Alayna (Aly) went to Guilford high school and graduated in 2017. Dogs bring her more joy than anything on this earth. She have two dogs, an american pit named Leo and a miniature schnauzer named Parker. Currently she is attending college courses and pursuing nursing school.



Grace, Care Staff
Grace graduated from Rockford Christian in 2015. She will be returning to school in 2019 to pursue becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. She has a energetic dog named Ollie whom she loves very much.