Doggie Daycare


Waggin' Tails Doggie Day Care program specializes in small and medium-sized dogs (larger dogs are accepted on a case-by-case basis) with indoor play areas.  The facility's priority is providing each day care dog with a fun and safe environment.  Dogs are evaluated, observed and grouped with appropriate play partners to ensure a good time for all.  While there is plenty of time for play, down time is also scheduled giving the players a chance to settle.

Waggin' Tails doggie day care attendees must be at least 4 months of age, spayed/neutered (8 months or older) and current on vaccinations.

First Day of the week - $25 (subject to change)
(Rate decreases with each additional day per week)
Half-day rate (7:30-12 or 2-6) - $16 (subject to change)